Blessings Dear Church!

As has been the case unfortunately, since our COVID watch began, we have been responding to the guidelines and health department efforts. Effective tomorrow, DuPage County will be under new mitigation measures that will limit in-person gatherings to just 10 people. Unfortunately, that is not level sustainable enough to hold in-person worship effectively or safely. So, our plan to open and hold in-person worship for this for the first time this weekend will have to be postponed.

This does not mean that we are not without worship dear church! Our liturgy and worship will continue, live-streamed on YouTube each Sunday at 10am. We are also thankful to have the work under our belts and the plans in place, so that when the mitigation measures are lifted, we will be able to once again, schedule a date to begin in-person worship without delay. 

Until that time however, We thank you all greatly, not only for your sustained support, but for your continued understanding throughout this difficult time. 

To Recap:  And some further notes for worship:

  • We continue to respond to the ever-evolving circumstances that direct how we are best able to worship together. Because of the recent mitigation measures that go into effect tomorrow, Nov. 11th, we will not be meeting in person for worship this weekend, Nov. 14th & 15th!
  • Worship and Liturgy will continue via Live Stream on YouTube Sunday Morning at 10am. 
  • Other in-building activity is currently being assessed individually based upon the new guidelines and mitigation measures. 

I want to leave you with a message of God’s mercy from our Bishop Yehiel Curry. It was produced by ELCA Young Adults, but as we once again shift our practices and our lives continue to ebb and flow, I found his message was also for me this day. May it also be for your dear friend.

Peace & Blessings Dear Church,

Pastor Dave

Service Opportunities Continue!

  • Our AV/Tech capabilities are growing and increasing 🙂 If this is an area that is of interest to you or you have some skill in, let us know! We’d love to have you as a part of the team running worship from this side of things. It’s been incredible to witness just how far worship is now able to reach, and this is what makes that possible.
  • And lastly, thank you all for your flexibility and willingness to work with all of these various worship changes these past several months. And especially to all have worked to make these liturgies what they are. Surprise here, that already is each and every one of you! The liturgy is the work of the people and that is lived out here at LCM in every sense, so thank you.