Another weekend is upon us and it is snowing once again! This seems to be a rather odd hallmark of consistency, especially for the weather. But into our new year each weekend has also brought with it celebrations or new events to look forward too. As we approach our last weekend in January, I’m getting excited once again as we are busily preparing for our annual Congregational Meeting.

Ok, I know, I know. I’m sure that that can sound absurd, but truly I am. Our meeting coincides so well with a gospel lesson in which Jesus calls the first disciples bringing about new beginnings. As we lay out our own fresh foundations for the next year ahead, what could be better? Now this story is one that is familiar to us; the phrase ‘the kingdom of heaven has come near’ is said often. And a story in which Jesus promises to make us go fish for people is pretty memorable but I hope that we all get to hear it in new ways.

One of the ways that I want to help us all ‘hear’ this story in a new way is visually. The Kingdom has indeed come near and Jesus calls us to follow. It’s a way that appears foolish and weak at first, but as we follow and listen, its truth of wisdom, strength and light shine forth. It’s a way of life that also forms a unique bond because on this path we tread it has already been filled with the loving kindness and mercy of Jesus.

The reason why, is that this path ultimately leads to and through the cross. And it is this destination that is primarily seen as the key foolishness. How can this be where we are led? But this is where we are drawn; Here in the shadow of the cross, God makes a way for unity in the midst of division, for healing in the midst of brokenness, for peace in the midst of violence, for forgiveness in the midst of betrayal. Around the table, the kingdom of God draws near; Jesus’ broken body announces forgiveness, healing, peace, and unity. Many bodies are nourished and formed into the one body of Christ, called and sent to follow in the way of Jesus, to be broken and shed for the sake of the world.

I want to introduce you all to how I envision the way that we are all drawn to the cross in the visual manner I referenced. Little Luther will be here to help today and be on the lookout for this visual aid again on Sunday at our Annual Meeting. Thank you for the connections, bonds, ministries that have been built thus far and all the ways we’ve sought the Kingdom of God here through LCM. I look forward to Sunday (As I always do!) as we continue following the way into 2020! Have a wonderful snowy Friday Dear Church 🙂

God’s Peace & Blessings,

Pastor Dave Elliott