How do we respond to God’s call to serve and love our neighbors? We faithfully steward (manage) the gifts God has so abundantly given to us. Although some think of stewardship as only a financial response to God’s love, stewardship encompasses so much more than money. It is about how we use all that God has entrusted to our care — our time, our talents and our treasures — to love God and our neighbors, both inside and outside of the church walls and our homes.

Time. God gave us time when we were created. In spite of His generosity, we never seem to have enough time to accomplish all we want to do. When we give up time we could spend on ourselves to do things for others, that time becomes special. Not only is it a gift to our neighbor who needs our love, but it is also a precious, sacrificial gift to God.

Talent. All of our abilities and knowledge are gifts from God. God created each of us as individuals, so our talents are different and we complement each other. It is in working together, contributing our individual special talents, that the Body of Christ flourishes.

Treasure. All that we are and all that we have comes from God. We apply the knowledge and ability God gives us to provide for our families, to share with others and to save for future needs. We remember the many gifts with which God has blessed us, and we commit some of our resources to maintain our facilities, support our ministries, and provide means to reach out to neighbors who are in need in our community and around the world.

How can I give my Time?

Lutheran Church of the Master offers so many ways to give your time to God. Pray for LCM, its parishioners and ministries. Participate actively in a ministry. Volunteer to help in ministries with our children or young people. Help out in our Food Pantry. Offer to help keep our facilities clean or maintain and repair our building. Or volunteer to help keep our plants and flower beds weeded and watered. If you would like to offer your time to assist the ministries of LCM, call our church office at 630-665-3384.

How can I give my Talents?

What gift has God given you that you want to share? Musicians and singers will find a home in the Music Ministry. A gift for public speaking? Become an Assisting Lay Minister. Those who love to serve can join a pastoral care ministry. Those who enjoy working with children have so many opportunities to guide their spiritual and physical growth. If you have a talent the Lord is calling you to share, call the church office at 630-665-3384 and ask how you can help.

How can I give my Treasure?

Give on Sundays at Worship: Every week at worship is an opportunity to give of our treasure. Weekly collections defray the cost of operating the Church. Special collections are also taken for our Neighborhood Food Pantries, Master’s Christian Preschool, ministries sponsored by our ELCA Lutheran Synod, and many other ministries or outreach opportunities in our community. We pass a collection plate during each service. Please give as you are able! If you are a member, offering envelopes are available to help you track your giving. Contact the church office to receive envelopes.

Set up Automatic Payments with Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT): The Simply Giving Program is a modern-day stewardship program. It’s a convenient, safe and simple way for individuals to make automatic payments to non-profit organizations through electronic funds transfer (EFT) directly from checking or savings accounts. The Simply Giving Program is operated by Vanco Services, LLC, an industry leader in electronic payment solutions. Thrivent Financial Bank has contracted with Vanco to provide transaction processing services for the program at reduced rates. To learn more about Simply Giving, call the church office at 630-665-3384.

Put a Check in the Mail: If you would prefer, you can always put your check in the mail. Mail it to the church office at: Lutheran Church of the Master, 580 N. Kuhn Road, Carol Stream, IL 60188

You May Also Give Via Mobile Devices With Vanco’s Give Plus+ App: The App is available in both the Apple App Store and Google Play App store and free to download. Once downloaded and installed simply search for Lutheran Church of the Master in Carol Stream, IL 60188! Full and complete instructions for the App and it’s process can be found here: Give Plus+ App Download & Giving Directions. Thank you so very much!

Ask Us! If you feel called to give your treasure, call the church office at 630-665-3384 and ask how you can help!