Continued Pentecost Blessings to you Dear Church! Welcome to worship with the Lutheran Church of the Master! It is another beautiful day to worship our God! Thank you for your patience as we keep learning, working out the bugs, and working to together to bring you the most impactful worship we can. The Livestream of our complete liturgy from the lawn of LCM continues this week! I hope that you will be able to join us Live whether on the lawn or right here! Whether in person, or online please download and open the worship guide to fully participate in the coming liturgy. Peace & Blessings Dear Church ~ Pastor Dave

Sixth Sunday after Pentecost Worship Guide

For this liturgy, please give your thanks to the following contributors:

  • Prelude: God’s House Band
  • Gathering Song: “Lord Let My Heart Be Good Soil” – God’s House Band
  • Steve O’Boyle – Assisting Lay Minister
  • Communion Music: “Wonderful Merciful Savior” – God’s House Band
  • Postlude: “Flawless” – God’s House Band
  • Cristian Navarette & Don Weiss – Technical Assistants
  • And of course, our wonderful Staff!

Unraveled Study Journal:

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