Welcome to Lutheran Church of the Master for Palm Sunday! As Holy week begins, Peter is no longer front and center, and so we imagine he is with the rest of the disciples when Jesus enters Jerusalem on a colt. The disciples are confused as they witness crowds shouting hosannas. When they look back on this experience, they will remember the songs. The singing is surely etched in their memories. As we imagine ourselves in the crowd on this day, may we remember that they are supposed to be praising Caesar, but instead they are shouting for the one entering the city on a donkey. Their singing is subversive, courageous, and contagious. Their praise shows the ripple effect of public displays of praise.

I hope you have had the opportunity to download the resources for this Season of Lent to prepare your at-home worship spaces or for worship in the building. For worship today, I invite you to please download and open the worship guide to fully participate as you, too, are a vital participant in today’s liturgy. Peace & Blessings Dear Church ~ Pastor Dave

Palm Sunday Worship Guide, Prayer Requests & Virtual Pew Card, and Donations can all be made or found here: https://linktr.ee/LCotM

For our liturgy today, please give your thanks to all of our worship contributors which includes you!