Prayer Chain


Join the Lutheran Church of the Master Prayer Chain

The LCM “Prayer Chain” is for anyone and everyone willing to pray for another and for anyone in need of prayers. 

How to Participate:

1) Request a prayer by clicking HERE to fill out our online prayer request form, or you may email Pastor Dave at In addition, Pastor Dave will also receive requests from the pew prayer slips, personal requests or phone calls to the church office.

2) Are you willing to pray for another? If you are willing to prayer for others, send your intention via email to Pastor Dave at Pastor Dave will add your name and email address to the list of people willing to pray for those making a request. Pastor Dave will maintain the list of people on the “Prayer Chain.”

3) How the prayer chain works. When Pastor Dave receives requests for prayers, he will forward those request weekly (or more frequently depending on urgency) to everyone on the “Prayer Chain” email list. Those on the “Prayer Chain” will include the prayer request in their daily prayers.

4) Those requesting prayers will also be invited to name your requests aloud during the prayers of intercession during worship.

Prayer Chain Etiquette:

The requests for prayer are personal, so do respect and keep private information received.

Please do not send a prayer request unless it is for yourself or the one identified has given permission. Please do not request prayers for someone because you feel they are in need of prayer; the individual’s permission is essential.

Please keep the prayer situation confidential and unless the individual is a personal friend, do not discuss the situation with the person for whom you are praying.

Prayer requests will be sent as they have been received unless Pastor Dave determines the information is of a nature too sensitive to distribute. Editing will be done at Pastor Dave’s discretion.

This is a prayer chain, not a care line. If people need help besides prayers, that information will be forwarded to the church office, or the pastor.

Prayers of thanksgiving are encouraged. Requests for prayers can include requesting prayers of thanksgiving when prayers have been answered.

The prayer requests will be made Sunday morning for two weeks unless a request for an extension has been made.

** Please Note: Instead of listing prayer requests in our church newsletter, all prayer requests will be directed to Pastor Dave.