Blessed be the Holy Trinity! Welcome to worship with the Lutheran Church of the Master for the celebration of the Holy Trinity! We are blessed and honored to welcome to the pulpit our Presiding Bishop, the Rev. Elizabeth Eaton as she preaches and brings us the good news for this day. To view and download the Holy Trinity Sunday At Home Worship Guide for this liturgy, please click the link here: Holy Trinity Sunday At Home Worship Guide

With thanks to the following contributors for today’s liturgy (In order of appearance):

  • Master’s Voices: Prelude: “You Are My All In All”
  • Jill Schutz: Assisting Lay Minister
  • Communion Music: “Bist Du Bei Mir” (Laurey & Michael Benshish – Soloists) (Stölzel)
  • Postlude: “Trumpet Voluntaer” – (Jeremiah Clarke)
  • And as always, our incredible staff!

Prayer Requests & Virtual Pew Card: 

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