Continued Pentecost Blessings to you Dear Church! Welcome to worship with the Lutheran Church of the Master! We have an exciting liturgy and opportunity ahead for this day! Our Livestream continues, but for the first time it will be of our complete liturgy live from LCM! We’re excited to be able to offer you this new possibility for worship. I sure hope that you will be able to join us Live in whatever fashion that may be! Whether in person, or online please download and open the worship guide to fully participate in the coming liturgy. Peace & Blessings Dear Church ~ Pastor Dave

Fifth Sunday after Pentecost Worship Guide

For this liturgy, please give your thanks to the following contributors:

  • – Prelude: “Revelation Song”
  • – Gathering Song: “Open  the Eyes of my Heart Lord” – ’N Soul
  • – Deacon Emeritus Pat Gerber Bornholt: Assisting Lay Minister
  • – Offertory Music: “All “Good Gifts – Ann Hickey – Soloist
  • – Communion Music: “Still” – ’N Soul
  • – Postlude: “My Redeemer Lives” – ’N Soul

Unraveled Study Journal:

Prayer Requests & Virtual Pew Card