Continued Pentecost Blessings to you Dear Church! Welcome to worship with the Lutheran Church of the Master! To participate in worship, I invite you to open the PDF worship guide for this liturgy and join in!

We have an exciting liturgy ahead as we continue our journey of “Unraveled: Seeking God When Our Plans Fall Apart” today! But most of all as we start worship in new ways! we will be holding worship outdoors today (6/28) out on our south lawn at 10am!! We will also be broadcasting on low-range FM to the parking lot, so you may also come in-person for a drive-in experience of worship as well! And thirdly, worship will be uploaded to our YouTube channel as soon as worship is complete! (We had hoped to be ready to livestream from onsite this week, but that capability will be ready shortly!)

I can’t wait to take these first steps with you all and to discover where they will take us. I also want to invite you to gather the elements you need for Holy Communion so that you may feast with the whole gathered community. All further instructions and guidance can be found in the worship guide linked below. I hope you are filled the wonder and glory of God’s presence as we celebrate in worship today!

Peace & Blessings,

Pastor David Elliott


Unraveled Study Journal: