Welcome to Lutheran Church of the Master for the 15th Sunday after Pentecost as well as God’s Work Our Hands Sunday! We live in a world that is broken, fractured and divided, yet in living in such a space, we are called to embrace the harsh world and to care for one another. Love prevails, and Christ lives in us, offering unyielding love, no matter what we are, what we do or who we are. There are no hoops to jump through or concessions we have to give. Christ looks at every one of us, calls us by name and loves us when we can’t love ourselves or one another. Christ lays out a blueprint for the church, a church that is accessible to all, built on unyielding and immovable love.

I hope you have had the opportunity to download the resources for this Season of The Spirit to prepare your at-home worship spaces or for worship in the building. For worship today, I invite you to please download and open the worship guide to fully participate as you, too, are a vital participant in today’s liturgy. Peace & Blessings Dear Church ~ Pastor Dave

15th Sunday after Pentecost Worship Guide, Prayer Requests & Virtual Pew Card, and Donations can all be made or found here: https://linktr.ee/LCotM

For our liturgy today, please give your thanks to all of our worship contributors which includes you!